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Progressive Education as it Relates to Other Methods of Teaching

Progressive teaching at The Children’s School differs from other methods in several important ways. First, it is inquiry and project-based. This means that rather than being handed a set of facts or ideas to be memorized, children are encouraged to create their own meaning through open-ended exploration and discussion.

In an inquiry-based classroom, the role of the teacher is that of facilitator, coach, and fellow learner rather than the one who tells everyone else the right answer or the right way to do something. The project approach means that curriculum unfolds in a connected, integrated way rather than as a series of discrete, unrelated topics. Progressive teaching also is unique in its focus on the whole child as an individual with social and emotional as well as academic needs.


"When the school introduces and trains each child of society into membership within a little community, saturating him with the spirit of service, and providing him with the instruments of self direction, we shall have the deepest and best guarantee of a larger society which is worthy and harmonious."
John Dewey

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