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Curriculum Overview

At The Children’s School, curriculum is a fluid, responsive entity. Within a framework of important skills and ideas at each developmental level, teachers enjoy the freedom to mold the specifics of their curriculum to meet the needs of the unique group of children before them.

As our world grows ever more complex, we believe that the focus of education must be on how to think rather than on memorizing a large number of specific facts. Thus in many instances the specific content of the curriculum is less important than the larger ideas embedded in the topic. For example, in studying Ancient China, one child might research the homes people lived in, while another might study the ancient Chinese language. These two students will each end up with a different set of factual knowledge (houses versus language), but they will both engage in the writing, reading, analyzing, and presenting that are essential to our project approach. Furthermore, each child will participate in discussions about how cultures are shaped by geographic, political, and economic forces and about how ancient Chinese culture compares and contrasts with our own.


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"Students have the energy, imagination, and intelligence to make a difference in their community. They need only be asked to show what they can do."
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

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