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Whole Child Approach to Learning

The whole child approach to learning encompasses a child’s academic, social, and emotional life. As educators, we know wholechildthat for children to freely and openly engage in academic inquiry—including demonstrating intellectual curiosity, collaborating with others, and taking intellectual risks as they explore new concepts—their social and emotional selves must also be taken care of. A child whose feelings are hurt may not be able to focus on learning a particular math skill.

Our curriculum allows time and space to address social and emotional issues in a thorough, but developmentally appropriate way. As you walk through the halls of The Children’s School, you may see a teacher in deep discussion with an individual child about the child’s response to a situation in the classroom. At other times, a teacher may monitor a discussion between two students who are having a disagreement, helping each child to voice their concerns and work towards resolution. The progressive philosophy is concerned not only with students’ academic growth, but also with their social and emotional well-being.


"Education is understanding relationships."
George Washington Carver

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