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Jennifer Trueman ResekJennifer Trueman Resek, Choral Music
B.A., Music, Carleton College
M.A., Music Composition and Theory, University of Minnesota

"I listen to music all the time; in the car, while I'm cooking, while I'm jogging. I am constantly asking myself "would the children at school like to sing this?", and I imagine their enthusiastic clear voices in renditions of Bach or Elvis. Making music with young people is a great joy, and I am lucky to spend a lot of time doing just that. I teach private piano and direct a children's choir in Oak Park. My children are musicians as well, and there's rarely a quiet moment in our house."


Mary Anne Wolfe GardnerMary Anne Wolfe Gardner, Recorder/Music
B.A., Political Science, Carleton College, Northfield, MN
M.A., Music, Concordia University Chicago, River Forest, IL

"Music moves me in a way that no other art form does, and I simply love bringing that possibility to others through teaching. Music encourages connection - with our own thoughts and feelings as we play, with other cultures and times, with the people we play with, and with those we play for - and connection is what life is all about. In music class we work together, individuals with a common goal, and there's nothing better than hearing a room full of kids playing music together! Here at the Children's School, people work every day building connection with each student and helping the students build connection with each other and the world we all live in, and that's one of the things that makes this a very special place."



"The marvelous thing about learning style is that every teacher can help to provide a warm prevailing breeze to lift all those “kites” and help them soar. Sometimes the strings may get tangled up, but now we can understand how a little more dimension and space can keep them free and flying."
Emilie Piper

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