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How We Teach

howweteachOur teachers are passionate educators, the lead learners in their classrooms. Working with parents, we seek to advance each child's academic development in concert with their social and emotional growth as these facets are so closely intertwined. Learning to collaborate with others and navigate a large project can be challenging for elementary age children. Our commitment to small class sizes (typically 15) allows our faculty to support students whether they are working independently, in groups, or in multi-aged teams.

Teacher as a Guide

At The Children’s School, students are active participants in their own learning. It is the teacher’s role to guide their curiosity and help them find meaning through intrinsic motivation. At times, the teacher will direct the learning activity and at other times during the day the children are given opportunities to choose from a selection of activities.



Parent Involvement

Parent participation is a unique and integral part of life at The Children’s School. Our program welcomes parents into the school and celebrates their ability to bring an added dimension to the learning process.




Our program does not overburden children with homework for the sake of homework. We feel that it is vital that children have time after school and on weekends to play with peers and to enjoy the outdoors and other activities. Research indicates that there is little correlation between the amount of homework given in elementary schools and student achievement rates.




We view each child as a complex, unique, and active individual. We ask teachers, parents, and the children themselves to reflect upon their learning strategies, accomplishments, and challenges. We believe that students should be given opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge in multiple ways, such as writing, speaking, building, discussing, and demonstrating.



Classroom Design

Our classrooms are designed so that students can move freely about, working and playing as independently as possible at their developmental level. In a typical classroom you will see: work areas of tables and chairs rather than individual desks to foster collaboration and cooperation.



Progressive Education as it Relates to Other Methods of Teaching

Progressive teaching at The Children’s School differs from other methods in several important ways. First, it is inquiry and project-based. This means that rather than being handed a set of facts or ideas to be memorized, children are encouraged to create their own meaning through open-ended exploration and discussion.


"Teach the young people how to think, not what to think."
Sidney Sugarman

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