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Elementary Years Make Big Difference – Meet Iris Nosek, TCS Alumn!

Iris Nosek graduated from 5th grade at The Children’s School in 2005 before there was a middle school. Nonetheless, those early years spent at TCS made a huge impact! “One of my best memories from TCS was our ‘Box Park City’ in Kindergarten. We took a bunch of cardboard boxes and made houses, stores, and a whole town. Everybody had a storefront, and I ran the art shop. I was able to feel really independent and responsible and create the art shop how I wanted it to be.” “Another one of my favorites was the Titanic project. We reenacted the story of the Titanic, and all had roles as we learned about its history while acting it out. But in our version, we were all rescued and none of us died.”

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“Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself.” 

John Dewey

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