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"Quarantine Cookbook" Capstone Project by Cat Nickles On "Kelly and Ryan Live"

Cat Nickles, a recent grad from The Children's School, is getting lots of attention -- and raising lots of money -- through her 8th grade Capstone Project. Originally, Cat had planned to host a pop-up diner in the TCS gynasium to raise money for Beyond Hunger, a local area food pantry. However, Covid 19 changed her project plans entirely. Stay-at-home orders required her to pivot her project to "plan b." So she decided, instead, to create her own comic-style cookbook modeled after the book "Let’s Make Ramen" by Hugh Amaro and Sarah Becan. One of the authors actually served as a mentor through Cat's project. Cat's cookbook was so popular, it has appeared in several local new media outlets (se

Congratulations, 2020 Grads! Commencement Speech

Welcome families, friends, teachers, and especially welcome to the Class of 2020! I'm so happy to be with you here tonight. Graduates, I want to show you something: Do you recognize this sign? Can somebody tell us where it comes from? And what does it mean? Yes, you’re right-- the sign means: Stop and look, pause, think. This is from the wisdom of Ms. Dana, as she helps 2nd graders know how to enter a room, see what is happening, and quietly find their place. It even shows you where to put your feet—do you see the little shoe outlines at the bottom? The idea is that you will join in what the group is doing without causing a disruption and without calling attention to yourself. Definitely an

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“Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself.” 

John Dewey

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