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What Our Children Need Most Right Now: A Progressive Education Perspective

By Christina Martin, J.D., Director of Curriculum and Instruction The Children’s School, Oak Park, Illinois (excerpted from Curriculum Night Speech) There is no denying that times are tough. We are living through a global pandemic with physical and mental health as well as economic, political, and social implications. And we are living in a time of civil unrest as we examine and confront centuries of American racial injustice —again -- because we’ve failed time and time again to adequately examine and confront these issues before now. As adults, we may feel that we’re living through unprecedented times. For our children, though, it’s a little different. They don’t have the life experience to

The Children’s School Meets $100k Fundraising Challenge!

The Children’s School has raised an astounding $100,000 for its Covid-19 Families Fund over the past five months. When Covid-19 forced schools to send kids home for remote learning back in March, TCS, like many private schools in the area, faced several grim realities: The pandemic shut down the school’s annual benefit in April – a fundraiser that traditionally covered school program costs that exceeded tuition income. Covid-19 also put fall enrollment at risk. At the same time, the pandemic called on the school to invest in new safety measures, new technology, as well as a remote curriculum, while increasing the workload on teachers and staff. But the biggest threat Covid-19 posed was to th

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“Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself.” 

John Dewey

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