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Christina Martin Speaks on Play-Based Learning for "What Fresh Hell" Parenting Podcast

Our Director of Curriculum and Instruction at The Children's School, Ms. Christina Martin, was the featured guest on a recent episode of the "What Fresh Hell" podcast. The podcast series is one of the top ten parenting/comedy podcasts, with over 3.5 millions downloads.

Ms. Martin spoke to the concepts of "rich play" and how play-based hands-on learning has a longer and deeper impact on what a child carries forward in terms of memory and skills.

Listeners who are new to the concept of progressive education also can enjoy anecdotes and examples of how a project or a play situation captures what children are interested in and how an emergent curriculum develops.

Christina Martin also explains why incorporating academic skill-building such as math, reading, and writing is best done through using work and tasks that are relevant instead of via "worksheets." An example she gives is comparing the difference between a child practicing their writing on a take home worksheet, vs. practicing by writing a personal letter, or helping a parent/guardian write down the family grocery list. The latter provides a deeper and more meaningful engagement with the task, because it's necessary and meaningful and matters!

Finally, the podcast covers examples for parents/guardians on how to create a "rich play" environment at home that invites children to create, find, express, and cultivate their curiosity.

Listen to the podcast at any of the links below, and share with a friend or neighbor!


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