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F is for “Friluftsliv”

This February, we’ve been enjoying “Friluftsliv!”

What’s that?

Friluftsliv is a Norwegian concept that denotes a lifestyle and value system built on the enjoyment and benefits of being outdoors no matter what the weather.

This winter we had a few snow days and a couple days that were too cold to go out or be outdoors for long. Yet with few exceptions like severe heat, cold, or storms, TCS classes go outside every day – rain or shine – with appropriate gear to enjoy whatever the weather throws our way.

This was true even before Covid-19. Our time outdoors has greatly increased this year since we’re bring more conversation and learning activities outside to reduce transmission risks. When we are in the classroom, we dress warm as window stay open a bit to allow fresh air and ventilation.

We hope you enjoy the following photos that capture and spread the joy of Friluftsliv in February!


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