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Help Us - Help Housing Forward!

We're all working to bring everyone home...

When Covid-19 forced us back into our homes, switching to working and learning at home was hard on all of us. But imagine not having the safety of home during a pandemic.

For many years, we’ve partnered with Housing Forward in providing help for people who are homeless in our communities. Before COVID, our families regularly prepared dinners for 60+ guests at our local shelters.

Also, 9 times each year our classes took turns planning, shopping and assembling 60+ sack lunches that were distributed to Housing Forward guests. This work is an important component in our on-going social justice curriculum work with students.

During the pandemic, Housing Forward doubled down to get longer term shelter in place for people who are homeless, and also set up assistance programs for those at risk for losing their homes because of job loss due to COVID. Similarly, our ability to safely and collectively prepare the meals also shifted as we moved to meeting outdoors and implementing other safety precautions.

It’s important we keep our commitment and partnership with Housing Forward strong, to help them meet the growing needs. This year we’re doing something different. For every contribution or pledge to The Children’s School made between now and January 15th, we’re giving 50% to Housing Forward.

"During these extraordinary times, the support of the community is vitally important to helping those who are among the most vulnerable to the coronavirus. We are grateful that our longtime partnership with The Children’s School will continue in new ways and help the individuals and families we serve."
- Erik Johnson, Housing Forward

You remember how we raised funds during spring and summer to help our school families meet their tuition and enrollment needs through our TCS COVID Families Fund? We did it through the amazing generosity of our families. Let’s share our gratitude this giving season. Please click the button below or visit our website and donate whatever your family can.

Thank you for helping The Children’s School “Bring Everyone Home.”

Sincerely, The Children’s School Board of Directors

Andrew Curtis, President Jennifer Hamilton, Treasurer Mary Quest, Secretary Julia Huff, Community Representative Ahmed Dola, At-Large Member Sandi Carr, At-Large Member Emily Lorentzen, At-Large Member Michael McGuire, At-Large Member Christina Martin, Director of Curriculum & Instruction Danielle Cruz, Faculty Representative


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