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Our Beautiful New Space

We've moved to 820 Ontario Street in Oak Park, Illinois, in the spacious building owned by First Baptist Church of Oak Park.

Our gorgeous new location is a historic place for education, one we share with an existing preschool/kindergarten that is almost a century old. Our move is a chance to start a new chapter in our own 20-year history: one full of promise, joy, the love of learning, community-building, and growth.

We've completed Phase One of remodeling our new space, and still need to build out classrooms on the 2nd floor by next year to complete our full vision. We are so grateful for our community's financial support, as well as the many experts and hard-working volunteers who made it possible to renovate our new school location for our own unique needs.

Here are some scenes captured in our new school home from our first 3 weeks:



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