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TCS Students Honored in Nature Poetry Contest

4th and 5th Graders from the TCS Cloudy with a Chance of Gumdrops class worked with their teacher, Ms. Lisa Friedman, this year on a poetry unit inspired by Kwame Alexaner's "Free Write: A Poetry Notebook." They explored working with simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and onomatopoeia. Their work included writing list poems, definition poems, book spine poems, blackout poems, haiku, odes, and poems inspired by lines from books. 

This spring, the class entered their poems in the Jurica Suchy Museum's (at Benedictine University) Nature Poetry contest. The entire class won, with some poems winning the special designation of "Golden Leaf Rising Young Poet Award" from the Jurica Suchy Museum's contest. Here are the winning poems below:

Several students are also entering poems in the 2024 Gwendolyn Brooks Youth Poetry Awards. Winners will be announced in August, and TCS poets have traditionally done very well in this program in years past. We look forward to reading the entries!



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