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We've Moved!

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The Children's School's new address will be 820 Ontario Street, Oak Park,  Illinois, 60302. Our entry door faces the playlot at Scoville Park. 

Recent Photos

Recent Photos 
(updated 11.29.23)

Our classrooms are looking great, and we've had a good first week. It's been busy, but we're learning our new routines and about our new space. Here are recent photos of our Ribbon Cutting ceremony.

Volunteer Opportunities

Things We Need + Teachers' Amazon Wish List (updated regularly)

Folks are asking us what we need for our move, and others want to help but don't have the time to volunteer in person. Below you'll find two lists of things we need: The first is our Teachers' Amazon Wish list for our move and the second is a list of non-Amazon items that we need or would like to purchase.​ Items will disappear from the lists once bought/donated, and new items will be added as we see what our needs are:

Things We Need

Volunteer Opportunities (updated 11.29.23)

We've condensed all of our volunteer needs onto one Sign-Up genius. Click and check out what spots you can fill. We promise to make it as fun as possible, because we are: "Team Make It Happen!"

Check back often for newly listed items!


Wish List - Other Items

Below are items not available on Amazon for donors to contribute funding for that would really help our move:

  • New classroom carpets (9 total)

  • Sand area

  • New playhouse

  • Fencing around future outdoor space

Items TCS is Selling (updated 11.29.23)


Our aluminum boat from the Bluff is for sale. Not viable as a boat (holes in the bottom), but good for play or garden space? Make an offer.


This stage curtain system is almost new and in great shape. If you know a school, church, or small theater who might be interested, please send them our way! We will negotiate a price with them.

Items TCS is Selling

Drop-Off and Parking Tips (updated 11.14.23)

We will be using the westernmost door that faces Ontario Avenue (facing the playlot at Scoville Park) for our TCS entry and exit. Therefore, if you need to come to the school, please come to that door. Our main office will be just inside the door. 

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Guide:
Click the icon for a detailed drop-off/pick-up map that you can view, download, print, and/or keep in your car:

Drop Off Map.jpg

Parking Guide:
Click the icon for a detailed parking guide that you can view, download, print, and/or keep in your car:

Parking Guide 11.12.jpg
Drop Off and Parking
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