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We educate the whole child.


The halls and classrooms of The Children’s School are filled with color, texture, and sound. The arts are an integral part of project-based learning, and students are encouraged to use various media to express their learning creatively.


We also set aside time to specifically focus on the arts and physical wellness. Our students enjoy classes in music, visual art, theater, and sports that are tailored to their developmental level at each age and stage of their education.


Student-led clubs and after-school workshops provide additional avenues for learners to explore their interests. 


There’s something for everyone!

Children painting a box

Choral, composition, and music appreciation studies provide a base for creative expression in grades K through 4. Students are exposed to a variety of genres and languages as they learn to sing together as an ensemble. In the upper grades, music combines with other performance arts to produce exciting elective classes like musical theater and rock band.

Children singing


Children playing Omnikinball

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness and health are integral aspects of our lives at The Children’s School. Our program stresses the concepts of fitness, community, and play. From traditional and non-traditional sports to games they invent themselves, our students stay active and have fun.

Our resident art teacher leads students to explore a variety of mediums, techniques, and artists from various cultures and time periods. We also regularly welcome guest artists who work with children using different techniques and tools of expression.

A child painting


Schedule a tour to learn more about how we incorporate the arts at The Children's School.

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