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Tuition and Fees
2022 - 2023

The value of progressive education at TCS:

"TCS was the perfect experience for our daughter. She was supported socially and emotionally and grew so much. She was challenged academically and was prepared for the in-depth projects in high school.” 
TCS Alumni Parent


Financial Support for Families

As part of our progressive philosophy, we care for the whole student, intellectual as well as social-emotional. We also care for families. We know many families are experiencing financial hardship now, or will do so in the near future. We remain committed to finding ways to make TCS affordable for all families. We want all our students - even those facing financial hardship due to COVID-19 - to be able to return to TCS, and we strongly believe that if we work together as a community, we can make that happening.


2022-23 Tuition and Activity Fees 

Tuition is the annual amount charged to cover routine instructional costs and supplies. The activity fee covers costs associated with some classroom materials, as well as additional program coordination and technology used to support curricular goals, including field trips.

All families are required to establish a tuition billing account through TADS.** The account will then be customized with the family’s choices for A) payment plan option, B) payment method and C) preferred payment date as described below.

A). Payment plan options. A $1,000 deposit is due at the time of enrollment (Reduced to $900 for siblings). Also, a $1000 “First Time Enrollment” fee is due at the time of enrollment for each child enrolling at TCS for the first time, except newly enrolling siblings.  The activity fee is due in July 2022. The balance of tuition is then due in subsequent months as follows:


1. One single payment in August 2022. (If you choose this option, TCS pays the annual $45 TADS fee)

2. Two equal payments in August and December 2022, or

3. Seven equal monthly payments August 2022 through February 2023.***


B). Pick a payment method:

• Electronic payment (most cost-effective method)

• Invoice for checks/cash

• Credit Card


C). Pick a payment date:

• 5th of the month

• 20th of the month

To learn more, contact the school office: 708.484.8033 or office@tcsconnect.org


More Information:


*Siblings receive a 10% tuition discount tuition.  

**Families are required to have a TADS account to allow for easy and convenient billing of tuition, fees, and incidental charges such as before and after school, class photos, spirit wear, and pizza lunch. TADS charges a separate $50 annual account fee for any account that has three or more installments.

***To calculate the monthly rate, subtract $1000 deposit (or $900 in the case of a sibling) and the applicable Activity Fee ($500 or $900, depending on student’s grade) from the TOTAL in the above table. Divide the balance by 7 to calculate the monthly amount due.