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Giving to TCS

Text 'SupportTCS' to 243-725 

20th Anniversary Bash
Why Give to The Children’s School?

The Children’s School relies on donations and gifts to bridge the gap between our program costs and tuition. Your donations help assure that our students and teachers have access to needed learning resources.


How do you keep a child’s sense of curiosity and wonder alive? Especially when so much of our lives seem to be two-dimensional and coming to us on screens. At the same time, how do you develop a deep love of learning and a full range of academic skills? 


Kindergartners sort worms for the vermiculture bin with Ms. Nadine.


Solving engineering challenges in

our tinker spaces.

We do it through an innovative and emergent curriculum that honors students’ interests, coupled with dynamic and talented faculty that make exploration and hands-on learning fun.

And we've only been able to do it so well thanks to the generosity of our donors, families, and alumni who give so much during our annual appeal. We count on them, and you, to donate what we need to bridge the gap between what tuition covers and our actual program costs.

This year, we're moving to a new facility, and creating new classrooms specially designed for our needs: rooms that can accommodate project work and creativity.

We have big goals this year for bringing even more learning opportunities to our students, while continuing to remain the most affordable progressive education option in the midwest region.

Won't you help us keep our programs strong! Give today:

ML Science 1.jpg

Middle Schoolers dive into the chemistry of water samples

IDea: Check Whether Your Employer will Match Your donation - many Do!

Expand Our Reach

When you give to TCS, you help us keep our tuition costs affordable for more families, and to offer more financial aid, thereby helping strengthen our commitment to educational equity.

You can simply donate to our general fund, or choose whatever giving area fits your interest below, and give at whatever level feels best. We welcome one-time and recurring gifts:

Special Funds to Target Your Giving:


Give to Our Student Programs

This funding stream supports classroom supplies, mentors, virtual and in-person field trips, and classroom technology that help students reach their academic and socio-emotional learning goals in our progressive education setting.

Give to Our Social Justice Work

We aim to provide our students developmentally appropriate ways to understand and address imperative social issues like racial and economic inequities, environmental protection, animal welfare, and civil/human rights for all people. This funding stream supports resources for our social justice curriculum and school-wide social justice focus, including transportation for field trips, guest speakers, and art materials.

Houseing forward lunches
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new space 7.JPG
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Boy Math.jpg

Give to the Daniel P. Ryan Fund
for Financial Aid

We’re committed to helping families who wish to enroll their child at TCS, but who may need assistance in meeting tuition costs. The stronger our financial aid fund, the better able we are to create a strong and diverse student community that’s representative of our wider community. 

Join Our Cause!

In addition to the above, we invite you to participate in our:


Annual Appeal

Gifts to our annual appeal support general operating funds that give TCS flexibility to make investments in such program components as facility improvements and faculty professional development. Our annual appeal is generally held during the winter holiday season at the end of the calendar year.


Annual Benefit

The Children's School holds an annual benefit for families, friends, faculty, alumni and those who support progressive education in our communities. This event is both a ‘friendraiser’ and ‘fundraiser’ as we celebrate our partnership with parents to create a dynamic learning space for children. Our annual benefit is generally held in the spring.


For more information on giving to The Children's School, please contact us at

To make a general donation online, please click the "Donate Now" button.

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