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Ideas taking shape and form through
the thrill of inspiration applied to craft.

The halls and classrooms of The Children’s School are filled with color, texture and sound. The arts are an integral part of project-based learning. Students are encouraged to use various tools and media to express their academic learning creatively.


Visual Arts - In addition to the art integrated into children’s project work, time is set aside to explore different mediums, techniques, and artists from various cultures and time periods. In addition to faculty members, The Children’s School welcomes many guest artists throughout the year. The artists work with the children using multiple techniques and artistic tools of expression. This is another area in which we make wonderful use of parent volunteers, who may share a particular talent or skill set with students in areas such as quilting, print-making, photography, or mosaics

Remote Art Class

Did you know you have a painter's palette in your home and yard?

For our first week's remote Art class during Covid-19, our art teacher had our students check their kitchen and yards for natural materials that could leave a pigment on paper if smushed or rubbed! Then everyone got together to create their naturally colored masterpieces.

The verdict? "It was messy and FUN!"

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