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Our Music Album is Here!

...And it's AMAZING!

We sent out a challenge to capture our community's creativity during the pandemic. Undaunted, making the most of time at home, WE DID IT!

Families and kids and teachers and parents/guardians sent in their musical talent, comedy routines, spoken word performances, and we made our very own album!

Right now, you can buy the entire digital album for just $20. Or, you can by just the single tracks that you like. You can preview and listen to each song first for free. The best part is that all the proceeds from album sales will go straight to The Children's School to help fund our programs.

On "Won'tcha Be in My Bubble?" you'll enjoy new hits like:

Dr. Eggman by Jennifer Trueman

Earthquake by HQ

Can I Be in Your Bubble? by Sylvia S.

Miniature Sonata by Isabelle S.C.

New Life by Amelia R.

Linear Dodge in Green Leaves by Luke S.

X-Spectre by Brendan R. & Chris K.

If This Were Real by Mike L.H.

Jokes by James M.

Round the Corner by Holly M.

Great Lies by Leo Q.

Adelita by Humberto C.

Hine Ma Tov by Agatha D.S.

We also have at least ELEVEN Vinyl collector's albums for sale. They will be arriving and available soon. Email Pam Freese if you're interested and we'll let you know how to purchase one!

Kudos and a big thank you to Michael Loss-Hamilton who inspired the project and put it all together for us!


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