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Packing Great Memories and Hopes: Kids Anticipate Our Move!

Last year, when we realized that we would be moving our school to a new facility, our librarian, Ms. Polly Smith, organized a poetry collaboration with a group of 2nd graders. She asked them to list all the things they'd like to bring with them from our current building to our new building.

Then, with Ms. Smith's help, the group arranged their list into a poem. The project was not only fun, but helped students process the news of our upcoming move in a positive way.

Here is their poem and all the special things we will never forget to bring with us when we move — even if some things on the list are only brought in our memories of our wonderful years at 200 South Oak Park Avenue:


We are moving! What should we bring with us?

Basically, Roz the Robot

and all the third graders

and my 8th grade Buddy and all my stuff

and all of you guys

and everything that’s cozy

and all those stuffy Pigeons

and our trampoline

and all the wood in the courtyard

and the bean bag chairs

and the recyclables area

and the rug–and the green rug and all the rugs!

and everything that’s fancy

and the medical equipment

and the white tiger, so I can sleep on it

and the alarms: smoke alarm, fire alarm, tornado alarm

ALL the sinks

and the running track

and the bathrooms, so we can go to the bathroom

and the calculators, and combine them into one giant

calculator and we have to jump on the buttons!

and the basketball hoop


and clay

and the fancy guitar in the music room

and the attendance sheets, so we know who’s there

and the job sheets

and the dry erase board

and all the snacks in the Office

and the dodgeballs

and the music room popcorn

and a microwave

and Ms. Naomi from the art room

and the security cameras


I need to bring MYSELF!

–a poem by Group B of the Phoenixes (2022-23)



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