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We're Making an Album!! Send in Your Talent...

This has been a crazy year, and so many fun events were unfortunately canceled. That’s why The Children’s School is calling everybody to join our collaboration and fight back with hope, talent, sharing and fun! How?

We’re making a music album!!

And we want YOU to record and send in an MP3 sound file or phone video of your talent – whether it’s:

  • a song you sing,

  • a tune on an instrument you play,

  • your band,

  • a comedy routine,

  • a great brief storytelling sample.

We’re going to collect and preserve our many talents as part of this “record year.” But rather than set sad records, we’ll create a happy one with our album. That’s why we’ve decided to call our album “Better All the Time!”

The best part is, we can all join in right from home by recording our talent to share.

And, what’s more, the album will be for sale both on vinyl and in digital format for our 2021 Benefit. That’s right, leave it to The Children’s School to roll a talent show, project work, and annual benefit all into one crazy, fun experience!

We welcome talent submissions from students, families, faculty, staff, alumni, and board members - our entire TCS community!

How to Participate? - IT'S EASY!!!

STEP 1: Record an audio file in MP3 format, or record a video on your phone of your music, talent, joke, or story, and submit it to our TCS parent volunteer/album magician/sound engineer Michael Loss by January 15th.

STEP 3: Email Michael with the file name, name of the song or act, and performer information. You can also email Michael if you need advice on how to prepare or send the file.

Result? Our Album Will be For Sale This Spring!


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