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Working Toward Equity at The Children’s School

Over the last 12 months, the board, faculty, and staff at The Children’s School started a new journey. We began investing more time and resources toward achieving greater equity – specifically racial and ethnic equity – in delivering education and opportunity within our TCS community. In an equitable community, each person is seen and valued, with acknowledgment of differences and their impacts. We decided to keep our focus on equity for students and families of diverse racial and ethnic groups, acknowledging that in the future we would examine whether we could expand our equity work for those who are differently abled, or have a wider range of learning needs that fall outside of those we ca

Our TCS Curriculum: Nurturing Both the Trees and the Forest

Below is a transcript of a speech given by our Director of Curriculum and instruction, Ms. Christina Martin, at "Curriculum Night 2019." The graphic above is an example of "Visual Notes" contributed by parent Rachel Swanson. We are sharing both by popular request! Curriculum Night is an evening for parents and families to learn more about the curriculum at TCS both in a general sense, and through meeting with their child's teacher in the classroom to hear more about class activities and the teacher's own approach to guiding each child and group through curriculum goals. It goes without saying that teachers are absolutely the most important part of any curriculum. Without teachers, curricul

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“Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself.” 

John Dewey

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