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Supporting independent inquiry and
informed reflection through a shared love
of reading and learning.

Our library program supports the exploration and project-based learning that happens in all our classrooms: introducing age-appropriate research skills, curating the best books and resources and promoting a fun, child-centered approach to reading.


The library program is a central part of our inquiry-based curriculum, helping students to become effective researchers and hone their information literacy skills. Students learn to draw information from reference books and databases, evaluate appropriate websites for research and determine credible news media sources.


​Our growing collection of books caters to all reading levels and reflects the needs and interests of TCS students and teachers, with particular focus on social justice, diversity and the stories of our past and present struggle for a more compassionate world. ​Students engage with literature through reflection and sharing and by learning about themselves as readers.  Self-selection and agency are emphasized; they are challenged to broaden their reading habits as their opinions and choices are honored. 


Our Librarian is one of our "All-School" faculty who works with each classroom on a weekly basis. Our library is a bright and welcoming space where all grades can come to work collaboratively, study, browse and relax. Our youngest students enjoy storytime and book selection here, while our middle-level students use the library as an extension of their classrooms, enjoying additional space to work in small groups or read quietly.

Progressive Education Library
Library story time remote learning

Our Librarian Shares a Secret: Reading and Listening to Stories is Much More Fun in a "Story Fort!"

"It's a great day for a story fort! Here I am in a fort I built using stuff around the house.. reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo, with a couple of my fluffy friends," reports Ms. Polly Smith.

In our weekly library class during the Covid pandemic, our librarian not only shared stories from her fort, she also gave tips on how kids could build their own perfect story fort at home. That's how TCS took storytime to a whole new level of fun!

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