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By the Numbers

Teaching the Child or By the Numbers?


When comparing schools, many focus on scores and numbers.
Here are numbers from The Children's School:


Years our school has been in operation. We were founded in 2004


The Limit on
Students per Class


Number of Colleges and

Universities our grads now attend


Letter Grades or
Standardized Tests

That's right. Zero grades and zero standardized tests. We work with each child individually, gauging their progress by carefully evaluating the quality of their work. We watch the improvement in their reading, writing and math skills from project to project;  their behavior and experience in the classroom, and their enthusiasm for learning. Whenever we see a chance to do more to help a child learn, we take action: We change things up - work with them one on one - increase the challenge or reduce it for a time.  


Since every child's learning style and potential is unique,
we focus on numbers that really matter:


Number of natural wooden blocks in our block room, in 23 assorted shapes


Number of books in our TCS library collection


Specific learning goals in our social justice curriculum for elementary students 


Amount raised by our 4th and 5th Graders for "Take 3 for the Sea" in a student-managed  event to help clean up plastic trash in our oceans.


Estimated number of worms in our Kindergarten vermiculture bin


Number of trout minnows in our 6th grade Great Lakes biosystem project

We spend our time and resources making what our students are learning engaging, relevant, and fun. We find it's the best way to create kids who love to go to school and who leave our school with a lifelong love of learning!

We believe education isn't a "paint by number" proposition. Sitting in a desk all day and memorizing facts may suit a small number of children. We've found that most children are more engaged when they play an active role in choosing what they want to learn. We give them a supervised group framework, a broad range of resources, experiences and projects, all based on their individual and group interests.

The time we save by eliminating standardized tests, leaves time for counting our students' tangible
achievements, and counting new ways we can enrich their learning experience.

At The Children's School we have lots of fantastic numbers that we are proud of. And yet, the best reason to choose our school is this:

We'll never treat your child like one.

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