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Why Choose TCS
for Middle School?

Are you wondering if a TCS education prepares students for high school, college, and beyond? It sure does. We are proud that we ignite a love of learning, and offer a program that strengthens both critical thinking and social skills in addition to academics. This combination of skills traditionally serves our graduates very well after they leave TCS.

Where You'll Find TCS Alumni 

Colleges and Universities Attended by TCS Grads 

American University

American University of Paris

Brandeis University

Coe College

Colorado University

Columbia College

Columbia University
  (Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons)

Drake University

Elon University

Fordham University

Grinnell College

Lawrence University

Macalester College

Prescott College

Purdue University

Reed University

Roosevelt University

Santa Clara University

Triton Community Collete

University of Chicago

University of Dayton

University of Illinois
University of Illinois (College of Engineering)

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Iowa

University of Puget Sound

University of Southern California

University of Vermont

University of Wisconsin
Vanderbilt University

Washington University

Whitman College

Yale University

High Schools Attended by TCS Grads

Beacon Academy

Chicago Waldorf School

Chicago Academy for the Arts

Chicago High School for the Arts

Eagle Hill School

Fenwick High School

Fusion Academy

GCE Lab School

Illinois Math and Science Academy

Lane Tech

Lyons Township High School

Montini High School

Morton East High School

Morton West High School

Nazareth Academy

Oak Park River Forest high School

St. Ignatius High School

Tallgrass Sudbury School

The Latin School

Trinity High School

Wolcott College Prep

Students graduating from The Children's School have gone on to succeed in a variety of high school and college environments -- from traditional mainstream high schools, to alternative and lab schools, to some of the top colleges and universities in the nation. "Our graduates have strong self-advocacy skills and enter high school with the ability to talk with teachers and counselors about how they can improve their learning and and get the most out of school," says TCS High School Transition Coordinator and 8th grade teacher, Gloria Mitchell. "They are curious, thoughtful, self-aware, and prepared to set and pursue personal and academic goals."

In survey after survey, our alumni report that TCS gave them a love of learning and an interest in pursuing their own projects; the ability to work well with others, both peers and adults; an understanding of their own strengths and challenges and how to leverage them in a new environment, as well as strong writing and math preparation. As more classes graduate from our relatively young school, we will continue to build data tracking their experiences in post-elementary education.

  I went to my son's open house at Morton Freshman Center tonight. School has been in session a week and a half and all of his teachers are already saying that he is doing really well and is ahead of the game. The biology teacher said he has a very strong grasp of science in a holistic way, not just memorized facts. She said she realized she's going to have to step up her game with him.



Parent of TCS Grad

  We are in our 10th year at TCS - we have a daughter in 6th grade and a son who just graduated 8th grade. Both have gained so much from their education at TCS. Our son is attending OPRF this year and has transitioned really well, both academically and socially. I have already seen him exercise the communication, leadership, and self-advocacy skills he learned at TCS.



Parent of TCS Grad

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