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Meals and Snacks

NOTE: At this time, due to Covid-19 and our risk reduction strategy, we are not providing hot lunches (pizza, empanadas, etc.). Our current schedule assumes that students will eat lunch with their class, often outside. We are providing the information below to give you a comprehensive view of what our programs look like under normal circumstances. We hope to resume these programs when state and local risk assessments and recommendations support our doing so. 


We wish to provide children with models of healthy eating and ways to enjoy foods that are natural and nourishing. We request that food brought to school for lunch be healthy and that sugary treats be limited or avoided. We ask that the students bring food that does not involve a teacher or adult to prepare or heat up. We would like them to bring lunch items they can handle, such as a healthy sandwich, thermos, or other simple foods and containers. We encourage reusable lunch containers to support our goal of sustainability, recycling and less waste.


We view lunch period as a time for social interaction in an intimate setting: therefore, we eat lunch each day in the classrooms. We have elected to do this so that the atmosphere is calm and supportive of casual conversation between the children.

We appreciate that some children get hungry during the day. We encourage parents/guardians to send one or two snacks for the day. We also ask that it be a small amount of healthy, non-sugary food that is nut-free. Because of individual dietary restrictions, we do not allow children to share food with each other.


If you would like to bring a shared snack for the class to celebrate your child's birthday, please choose fruits, vegetables, popcorn, or something baked by the student. All snack choices are at the discretion of the teacher and contingent on classmates' dietary restrictions.

Nut-Free Policy 

To maintain a safe environment for children with nut allergies, we ask that all snacks, lunch items, and other food sent to the school be nut-free. 

Water Bottles

We ask each child to bring a full water bottle to school each day. Water is available throughout the day for students to refill their water bottles.

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